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Sexy Smexy: Getting Smart about Getting It On with Endometriosis

I think one of the most common topics I see discussed in my endo groups is the pain experienced during sex and how to prevent it. After all, orgasms and sex are actually beneficial in easing the cramping associated with endometriosis. Plus who doesn't want to get down and dirty with their partner whenever the mood strikes? So ladies (and any brave gents reading this), let's get smart about getting it on with endometriosis.

(Mom, Dad, other family members if you are reading this, stop! I'm about to discuss sex, you might want to turn back now. You've been warned!)

Sexy Smexy: Getting Smart about Getting It On 1. Foreplay - Don't just focus on your partner! Seriously, get your motor properly running by whatever means necessary. Make out like crazy teenagers for a bit. Take your time getting naked. Dance. Touch yourself. Have your partner touch you. Getting yourself properly ready means the pain might not be as bad or non-existent. So literally get your juices going.

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